1st Catalan Labour Congress in April 2023

The Minister of Enterprise and Labor, Roger Torrent, announced on November 2 the celebration of the 1st Catalan Congress of Labor, which will take place in late April in Barcelona and will be entitled “Jobs in a new economy for life”.

Sara Moreno, member of QUIT, is part of the scientific advisory committee in which also participate Genís Roca, Judit Vall, Miquel Puig, Anna Ginès, Ivan Miró, Ignasi Beltran, Dolors Bassa and Andreu Mas-Colell.

The Department of Business and Labor aims to promote a space for reflection on the future of work and the main trends that will mark it, the dynamics at the global level and the implications they may have for our country. The congress will also make it possible to become a meeting point for academic, social, political and economic references at national and international level, generate synergies and debate the needs for action from public policies. And all this, with the aim of nurturing the Catalan Labor Strategy 2030, which the Department plans to develop as an instrument to address the challenges in the labor field in Catalonia in the coming years.

The thematic axes to be discussed at the congress are divided into seven blocks: Past, present and future of jobs; the involvement of states in jobs; Training as a key factor; The organization of working time and the debate on the working day; Towards a four-day working day; Working conditions for a fair and diverse society; Jobs in a social and solidarity economy; and, finally, Collective representation in the 21st century.

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