Governance Body

The IET governance bodies are: Direction, the Permanent Board and the IET Council.

The Permanent Board is led by the Director of the IET, four representatives of the academic staff, the Directors of the Research Units affiliated with the IET, a representative from the Postgraduate Programs and Studies of IET, a representative from the training personnel and a representative from the Research Supporting Staff.

The Council is made up of all senior and post-doctoral researchers, a representation of the researchers attached to the associated research unit and representatives of the administrative staff and PhD students.

IET Permanent Council:

Director: Pilar Carrasquer Oto
Secretary: Helena Ysàs Molinero
CER QUIT Director: Joan Miquel Verd Pericàs
DRELATES Group Director:
Eduardo Rojo Torrecilla
Research academic staff: Antonio Martín Artiles, Oscar Molina Romo, Ricardo Esteban Legarreta, Xavier Solà Monells
Postgraduate / Master Studies Coordinator: Pedro López Roldán
Representative from the Training Research Staff: Daniel Barrientos Sánchez
Research Technician: Isabel Hernández de la Rosa

Documents IET: Bylaw

Anuario IET de Trabajo y Relaciones Laborales

El Anuario IET de Trabajo y Relaciones Laborales is an online publication edited by the Institut d’Estudis del Treball. Yearbook aims to provide an analysis of the main aspects of labour market developments, employment policies and industrial relations during the current year. It also analyses the main changes at European level. It involves both EIT researchers and external experts, who closely monitor the most important changes in the field.