III Academic Meeting Future Work UAM-ILO

 The Faculty of Economics and Business Studies of the Autonomous University of Madrid has established the III UAM-ILO Academic Meeting, under the title The future of work: labor reforms. The experts gathered at the meeting have reflected on labor reforms from the perspective of law, economics and sociology, with special attention to the reform of 2022 in Spain.

Eduardo Rojo, of the DRELATES Group, who made a presentation entitled “The labor reform, is it open to a new regulatory framework for labor relations?”

For her part, Sara Moreno, from QUIT, participated as a speaker in the sixth axis of the meeting, aimed at analyzing the equality policies of the Labor Reform.

In this third edition, the organizing committee of the UAM, formed by several departments of the Faculties of CC. Economics and Business and the Faculty of Law, and the University of Alcalá, maintains its commitment to the ILO to continue working and advancing in the study and dissemination of different problems and challenges of the labor market.

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